We love good ideas and want to make our contribution by helping indie developers to release their projects. For that reason, we offer to make the whole of your game’s audio… for free!

“Hold on… for free? Any project we send to you?” Not exactly. We want to adopt a “pay after show” like approach, which means that your success will become our’s too. If your game becomes a sales hit, we will recieve a percentaje of your sales until we cover the cost of our services. If, unfortunately, the project doesn’t succeed commercialy, no debt will be incurred.

We have prepared a Info/Requirement and FAQ section below, where you may find the details of this promotion. In case you need further information, feel free to ask here: [email protected], and we will gladly answer you questions asap.

Sounds good? Here we go, then!

Info & requirements:
  • The production budget has to be less than 150.000€.
  • The project must be in production phase.
  • Previous experience and past released projects will be considered positively.
  • A playable demo will be considered positively.
  • The game engine must be Unity or Unreal.
Where should I send my project's info?
You may send it to [email protected] with subject: My Free Indie: [YourCompany],[YourProject]
How many projects will be selected?
Our idea is to choose one single project in 2018.
What do I get if my project is selected?
Our complete pack of services: SFX, VO, Music and Integration.
If our game sells well, do we have to pay you a percentaje of our earnings forever?
Absolutely not. We will recieve a percentaje of your sells (agreed with you) until the cost of our services is covered. Once reached that point, we leave the party.
Do we have to pay nothing truly until we generate profits?
Not to us. Not for any of our services or equipment. However, if your game needs VO talents (that don’t belong to Woofer 8) or any other audio related external service, those costs will be on your company’s side.