Sound Design

Give your players a more immersive experience with our sound FX. Custom designed. Give feedback or guidelines during gameplay, make them feel tension or terror with this powerful narrative tool.

Audio set-up and equipment

We design custom audio installations. Speakers, amps, cables, interface, mics and control software.


Mistery, terror, adventure, sci-fi… support and enhance your narrative with the proper music for each genre. 

Why to hire us?

These are some of the features we could integrate in your game:

  • Sync to mechanisms. Playback audio automatically when an event or game state is reached.
  • Spatialization. Move sound between rooms or speakers to create movement and enhance immersion.
  • Get separated soundscapes (ambients, SFX or music) on different rooms within the same game.
  • Automate event sequences. 
  • Real-time Voice Over. From a simple talkback system to communicate with your players from the control room to turn the Game Master voice into another part of the game: terror creatures, AI synthetic voices…
  • Real-time mix. Automatic changes in music, modify the ambients or playback video as the game goes on and the players make choices.


Scum Island - Main Theme (Epic Version)

by Woofer8 - Audio Services

Scum Island - Main Theme (8bit Version)

by Woofer8 - Audio Services


  • Ghost Light - Myss Tic Escape Rooms (Brooklyn, NY)
    Ghost Light (Brooklyn, NY) - SFX


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