Sound Design

SFX Design. Recording, synthesis, editing, layering and mastering to create all kind of sounds, in the traditional way or to feed procedural systems. Foley, ambients, creatures, weapons, combat, vehicles, explosions, machines, synth sounds, etc


Interactive music composition and implementation using resequencing and reorchestration techniques, that ensure  a huge variety compared to traditional “loops”, more fluent transitions between themes and great adaptability to game situations.

VO Design & Post-production

Would you need Dialogue?  We take care of post production and voice FX design (robots, aliens, etc).


Implementation of SFX, Music and VO into the project. We work directly on the game engine you use (Unity, Unreal) or we link it to a dedicated audio engine (Wwise, FMOD) where we create the necessary systems to generate procedural audio, build complex logics, simulate acoustic spaces and sound physics, 3D audio, real-time FX, states control, resource monitoring (CPU & RAM) and mixing.    


We add sound to your promotional videos. Get a powerful trailer and impress your future customers.

Why to hire us?

The trend in video games is to invest increasingly in a deeper immersion. Is intended that the users feel they are interacting with an alive and changing environment. This leads to creation of more and more complex systems that adapt with intelligence to the diverse situations produced within a game.

Audio is part of this trend and in Woofer8 we handle the tools necessary to implement those systems into your project, design AAA sound effects and music and carry out the complete production cycle.

Want to know in detail what are we offering?


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